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Help with setting up and configuring custom user tools in UltraEdit (based on command line input)
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I have some tools that I wrote and set icons for them etc. I want to have them shared in a network folder somewhere so that other ultraedit users on the network have them. I'd also like it so that if they edit one or add a new one everyone else gets the changes.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks for the help.
The user tool configuration is stored in uedit32.ini normally stored in the directory %appdata%\IDMComp\UltraEdit in section [Tools]. The project tools are stored in the project file which could be more easily shared than the INI file. It is possible to define a project/workspace which contains no files, just project tools. Loading that project would make it possible to quickly get access to those tools. Of course you could create also a template file on your server with all the user tool settings (section [Tools]) and write a small script or a small real application which automatically or with user interaction copies tool configurations and their files (icons) from server into local uedit32.ini of the user respectively on local drive of the user.
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Thanks Mofi. Are macros saved in the project file as well? If this project file was on the network drive and was updated by someone to contain a new project tool, would all other users have to reload the project or would it get updated automatically next time they load UEStudio/UltraEdit?
Macros are stored in *.mac files. It is possible to set 1 macro file containing 1 or more macros to be automatically loaded on startup of UE/UES. This setting is stored in the INI file. Alternatively it is possible to specify a macro file to be loaded with a project. The full name of this macro file is stored in the project file.

If a project file is stored on a network drive, all users using this project will see changes on next loading this project. By default the configuration setting Reload files previously open on startup is enabled which results in reloading a project on start of UE/UES when the project was open on last exit. The users workspace (which files are open, window positions, cursor positions in the files, bookmarks, folds, etc.) are stored by default in project name.pui while the other project settings like the project files, project tools, project macro, project wordfile or project wordfiles directory, project compiler, etc. are stored in the file project name.prj. This splitted project settings management makes it possible that a team uses 1 shared project file (*.prj), but every team member has his/her own project workspace (*.pui). PUI means Project User Interface.

I forgot last time one possibility. It is possible to store most settings in the registry (HKCU\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\) instead of the INI file. When all users have once set to use the registry for settings instead of the INI file, it would be easier to update the user tool configuration because just a *.reg file must be imported into the registry to update the configuration.
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Thanks Mofi. I ended up writing an app that lets me specify which config ini settings I care about and it searches everyones ini config and changes/adds the lines I care about to match what I want them to be. Seems to be working. I'll use a combo of this plus a project file and everything should work. Thanks again.
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