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Hi! Do you know why my toolbar icons = and would be disabled?

I cannot click them. I am trying your instructions to see 'only differences' between pasted texts from the clipboard.

I am fine with trying to use files rather than pasted text, but that does not work either.

I cannot show only differences and I've been trying for too long. Thanks.

Simply trying to see differences only:

Do you have updated UltraCompare Professional in the past and did not update the toolbars too?

If you are not using the standard toolbars as it looks because the 2 toolbars look different in comparison to my toolbars in UC v7.20.0.1009, click with right mouse button on a toolbar, choose Customize Toolbar, delete the existing Just Differences and Just Matching commands and re-add them. Alternatively you can right click on a toolbar, choose Manage Toolbar Configurations and press button Reset All. One of these 2 methods should be used for the menu too. I hope this results in enabling Just Differences and Just Matching after a text compare after restart of UltraCompare and running the compare again.

If that does not help and the 2 commands are still disabled, we need more information like the version of UltraCompare you use and which options you use for this comparison, see Session - Session Properties. I don't have any other idea except wrong command IDs why the 2 commands are not enabled.
Best regards from Austria
I deleted all buttons from toolbar.
Re-added the 2 buttons only.
They don't have names just icons. (see screenshot)
Restarted Ultracompare and they're still disabled
I'm on windows7 64 bit.
Weird thing is that I've already tried reinstalling Ultracompare.

There is definitely a file corrupt on your computer because I see the names of the 2 commands in the toolbar configuration dialog.

Toolbar configuration dialog of UC v7.20.0.1009.
toolbar_configuration_dialog.png (11.07 KiB) Viewed 4192 times

I suggest to use the Reset All button in the toolbar management dialog. The toolbar and menu profiles are not modified by the installer. Reinstalling UltraCompare only updates the program files in the UltraCompare directory, not the user's configuration files like the menu and toolbar profile files in directory %appdata%\IDMComp\UltraCompare\. The Reset All button resets them. Deleting the files UCCmds32.cmf and UCMNCmdsW32.mcf while UC is not running has the same effect as button Reset All on next start of UC.

Toolbar management dialog of UC v7.20.0.1009.
toolbar_management_dialog.png (1.85 KiB) Viewed 4192 times
Best regards from Austria
that worked! almost ready to create a windows system restore point lol.

software just went live and comparing 4 different environments. 100,000 lines of sql i wrote.
started to use vlookup in excel but wasn't as easy.

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