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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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While creating an FTP account in Ultraedit, I put a directory (such as '/user/www') into the field 'Initial Directory:'. When I click 'Apply' the field changes to a string of numbers and characters (seemingly random) rather than retaining the information I put in. When I use FTP to access this account the resulting directory is the default directory for my user on the remote server rather than the directory that I put in. This feature works fine on VISTA and XP, I'm using Windows 7. I'don't know if this is local OS dependent or not.

Hey! I have the same problem. Windows 7 (64 bit). And every time you update the account, it adds more garble to the garble... Have you found a work-around?
I think it may be a bug introduced by the 16.30 updates. I updated the password for my FTP accounts after upgrading to 16.30 and found that my file/directory history lists were all replaced by the garbled characters. Please go ahead and report the issue to IDM support from the link at the top of this page. I will contact them about it also.



Our developers are currently aware of this issue and working to resolve it. Unfortunately, there are no known workarounds. We are were sorry for the trouble this is causing all of you. If you send us an e-mail and reference this bug, we will notify you when a fix is available.

Thank you!

First get all the information you've stored for your FTP accounts, because this will lose them until you re-create them.

In UE, go to Advanced->Configuration
Scroll down to the FTP section.
Click on FTP

Place a checkmark in the "Store FTP accounts and settings in user selected file"

Then enter a file and path, I entered:


Ok, now create a new FTP account:
Click on File->FTP/Telnet->FTP Account Manager
Enter the account info.
Enter the "Initial Directory" I entered:


Now this is important!

Click on "Apply"

You'll notice that the path is stored in HEX, something like:


Highlight and copy that line.

Now click on the "OK" button.
Shut down UE.

Using Windows Explorer, manuever to the directory where you setup the "user selected file." I used:


Double-click on the file. It should launch Notepad if you use the .txt extension. If not, choose Notepad to edit.

Scroll down to where you see the path you entered. On the line below it, you'll see the HEX data. It will look like:

Initial Directory=/web/test
Initial Directory2=324637373635363232463734363537333734

Now paste the stuff you copied over the data assigned to "Initial Directory2." When done, it should look like:

Initial Directory=/web/test
Initial Directory2=2F7765622F74657374

Now save the file (File->Save or Ctrl+S).

Re-launch UE. If you check out the account info, you'll see it's stored correctly now and will work properly when you connect to the server.

If you edit the account, it will screw up your inital directory again.

If you have rights to your AppData directly, you can just edit the Uedit32.ini file:

Thanks for that workaround!

The HEX code appears to be the ACSII codes for each character in the path encoded in HEX and UltraEdit is reconverting the encoded path each time you modify the account.

Eg, '/' becomes 2F when saved the first time, and then the '2F' becomes '3246' when saved the second time, etc.

Hopefully an easy bug to fix IDM :)

-D (or is that 2D44? :)
According to the list of changes of UE v16.30.0.1003 released on 2010-12-28 this issue should be fixed now. Please update UE v16.30.0.1000 and v16.30.0.1001 to this hotfix build.
Best regards from Austria
I am using UEStudio version and am suffering this problem.

I haven't tried the fix above as yet and will wait to see if anyone can help any further before doing so.

I reported the problem in both UE 16.30 and UES some time back. IDM delieverd the fix for UE 16.30 but as yet, I haven't received the fix for UES. Please report your problem to IDM as well so that they are reminded that it still exists in one of their products.


Hi All,
Has there been any reply regarding the bugfix for UES ? :|

I contacted IDM support a couple of weeks ago, and was given copy of UES which fixes the problem.


Hi All,
So I contacted support via email, and they promptly sent me the link for a fix version of UES - !

Thanx to Ben for the fast reply! :)
IDM released on 2011-04-20 last hotfix version of UEStudio 10.xx. UEStudio v11.00 was released already. So everybody using currently UES v10.30 should quickly download this latest hotfix release for UES v10.xx if not wanting to upgrade to UES v11.00.
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