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UE/Mac provides a small improvement.
I do not see the delay between typing and the display if I have only 50 characters at one line.
If I have a larger window with 60 - 190 characters a line I still see the delay between typing and the display at the screen.

This has been reported via email to IDM Support.
I installed and didn't notice any difference or it's too little to notice. I see the same kind of slowness as Anyway my evaluation will end in 5 days so i guess i won't be able to try UEM much longer and for me it's not worth buying at the moment.

Just installed and have the feeling that it is slower than
I hammer my fingers on the keyboard and it takes nearly 4sec. to finish typing the characters.

Support: How can I help you?!?!?
What is your experience. It's a bit better but still too slow to enjoy the tool.
spidermike wrote: What is your experience. It's a bit better but still too slow to enjoy the tool.

A lot better, but there is still a lag. No other applications I use (Word 2011, Textmate, BBEdit and others) got this kind of lag on my Mac. Not sure why IDM is unable to create a text editor for Mac without such a lag. Must be something very wrong with the code. I can understand bugs, but they had a lot of time to fix it by now. I had several performance issues with the Windows version as well in the past even if not this kind of lag. Would have been interesting to take a look at the source code for both versions. I guess IDM's strength is not to optimize the source code for performance.

I've been using UE/Mac for nearly 2 months now. Yes. It is noticeably slow. On my computer (Mac Mini 2.66GHz iCore2 Duo, 8GB 1067MHz DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD), it is NOT too slow to use, so I'm mostly satisfied with my UE/Mac experience overall. Here are a few things I've noticed.

1. It seems to get much slower with larger files. This is particularly disappointing because UE/Win excels in this arena. On UE/Win, I used to open absolutely HUGE (over 1G) text files that would simply crash other, less capable editors. I don't dare try even getting close to that kind of spec with UE/Mac. I've seen NOTICEABLE slow-downs on my Mac when editing files around 500K in size.

2. I know Macs are supposed to be crash-proof and all that (don't believe it), but it seems that if I open too many apps/files in the OS, it has a direct effect on the speed of the interface within UE. A full reboot is the remedy for this situation. (What's that, Apple? Oh. You mean I have to reboot my Mac every day? I thought that was a Windows feature!) I don't know how to prove this, or recreate it. This just seems to be my experience.

3. There is an option in Preferences->File Handling->Temp Files that allows you to control the usage of "temporary files". The option's wording is very vague, not even bothering to say what "temporary files" are used for. It does say that if you disable it, you could see improved performance. I tried it, and COMPLETELY OBLITERATED my HTTPD.CONF file through a comedy of errors. The changes I made were immediately saved to the file and there was NO WAY TO UNDO. DON'T DISABLE TEMPORARY FILES. Don't do it. You'll regret it. I don't think I really noticed the "improved performance" anyway, but that could be due to my preoccupation with trying to get my httpd.conf file back. :cry:

I'm very seriously considering upgrading to an SSD drive. I have a feeling this will help the overall performance of UE, particularly when it comes to the use of temporary files. Then again, constant updating of temporary files could wear out the SSD prematurely. Who knows? If I ever do upgrade to SSD, I'll let you know how it turns out.
CodeCavalier wrote: The changes I made were immediately saved to the file and there was NO WAY TO UNDO.

That is no secret. I have written that several times in the forum. In UltraEdit for Windows both settings disabling usage of temporary files for large or all files contain already in the dialog the warning CAUTION: Edits are permanent, decreases load time for large files. The help warns again that all modifications are permanent which means no undo otherwise the changes would be just temporary up to next save. And the power tip about editing large files warns again that changes are permanent. I don't know if there are also such warnings in UEM. Of course, not copying a 1 GB file to temporary folder on file load, not recording undo steps when a replace all command modifies millions of lines, and finally not copying the modified temporary file back over original file makes UltraEdit faster on editing large and huge files.
Any resolution to the latency problem yet ?
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