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Sometimes when I use Command+X to copy text, UEM deletes the text from the display but does not put it into the clipboard. Meaning that when I hit Command+V, whatever was in the clipboard before the cut is pasted in. I'm prone to using the Windows keyboard shortcuts, so I confirmed that I was not accidentally hitting "Control+X" or "Shift+Delete"

I was able to switch from the System Clipboard to Clipboard 1 and get the cut + paste to work.

What worries me is that this is not a consistent happening. It has only happened three times since I started using UEM. But, when it happens, it happens until I switch from the System Clipboard. Also, it happens on start up - it has never acted like this in the middle of a session. In other words, if I start UEM and the first cut + paste works, then this problem never shows up. If I start UEM and the first cut + paste fails, then it fails until I quit the application.

Has anyone else seen this?
This happened to me a few times as well. The copy + paste randomly stops working, then starts working again once UE is restarted.
I also experienced this. not working, and then works again when I restart.

Did you guys solve your problem? or does anyone know why this happens?

UltraEdit for Windows supports the Windows clipboard + 9 user clipboards which of course can be used only within UltraEdit. Switching between the clipboards is usually done with hotkeys. Pressing a hotkey which switches to a user clipboard by mistake lets users often think cut + paste is not working anymore. The active clipboard is indicated in the Edit - Clipboards menu and in the status bar at bottom of the UltraEdit window.

If UltraEdit for Mac also supports more than 1 clipboard which I don't know because I don't use UE for Mac, you probably hit by mistake sometimes the hotkey to switch to one of the user clipboards. If you don't need the user clipboards, best delete the hotkey assignments to the commands switching to a clipboard.
UEM does support the same types of clipboards that UEW does..... in the same fashion.... just the hot keys are different..
I haven't had this problem (yet LOL). The clipboard keys on the Mac are Command+0 through Command+9
i also experience this occasionally. then it works again after restart...
I sometimes get this on my Macbook but i have to say this is not very frequent.
To be honest, i also have to say i usually work on my windows setup and not my Mac laptop.
No problem whatsoever on my pc.
Working with multiple clipboard test case:
(same behaviour in and

* press APPLE+1 to select clipboard 1 (or 2-9)
* select text and press APPLE+X to cut
* select another text and press APPLE+V

As a result, it inserts the text with a lot of free space (not really spaces or tabs) behind it and when you move the cursor, the whole line disappears. Sometimes special characters including the string "EBCDIC". Sometimes the line completely disappears and only the inserted text returns when moving the cursor.
APPLE+Z does also weird things after this and you have to exit UEM without saving because you do not know the state of the file anymore.
Yep - me too. I have also experienced this issue. However, it works again when I shutdown / restart.
Same for me. Each time I have to press Apple+0 move back to System Clipboard.
Knicksbball and nkthen please read all posts in this topic. It is not the fault of UEM when you switch from system clipboard to one of the user clipboards by hotkey. If you make never use of the user clipboards, delete the hotkeys of the commands for switching to a user clipboard to avoid switching active clipboard by mistake.
I've seen a similar issue running UltraEdit for Mac My Macbook is running Lion, version 10.7.4.

This is very frustrating, I've been an UltraEdit user (Windows) for decades. Not being able to Cut/Paste or Copy/Paste consistently makes it hard to use. I've tried switching to user clipboards before starting Cut/Paste or Copy/Paste and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

I've experimented and if I copy and try to paste over existing text it rarely works and seems to autocopy the text to be replaced. If I paste without selecting existing text it appears to work more consistently.


After a hint by Mofi I disabled the setting Automatically copy to clipboard when selection is made under UltraEdit - Preferences... - Editor - Misc and the problem with replacing clipboard content on selection was fixed. I've also updated to version in the meantime.

Thanks, Mofi
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