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I am working with EDI files which has extension as *.dat.

I would like to delete such files from a particular folder periodically. Do I have any such option in UltraSentry.

I have version 6.0

Let me know.

Thanks and regards.

It is not possible to let UltraSentry search in directories or whole drives for *.dat files and secure delete them. Such a feature would be very dangerous and could result very easily in secure deleting files required for Windows to work. Nevertheless I have sent a feature request to IDM that it would be fine to be able to delete files in a user defined directory using wildcards and perhaps we will see this feature in next future version. During beta testing US v6.00.0 I detected already preparations in US v6.00.0 for such a feature, but it looks like this feature is not yet available for customers because not finished in implementation.

But it is possible to delete an entire directory (tree) which you must specify. So you can create a profile which contains only the rule to secure delete a specified directory (tree) containing only the *.dat files you want to delete. Or have the *.dat files always the same name? Then you could define a profile containing a list of *.dat files to secure delete. Every UltraSentry profile can be executed on special events or periodically by adding the profile as task to the integrated scheduler service of UltraSentry. So it is possible to secure delete files or directories periodically using UltraSentry.
Best regards from Austria
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