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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I don't see anything, but I'm just checking I'm not missing something.

Is there a way to group ftp accounts, into folders or something similar? I have 30+ accounts in my list and only 5 or 6 are active projects at any given time. I'd would like to archive older accounts so I don't have to sort through them to find the active clients. I occasionally need to go back to them for maintenance issues, so I don't want to delete them.

Any suggestions?

If you check the option to save your FTP accounts in a user defined file, you could save the accounts you need on a regular basis in one file, and then have 1 or more others for those you only occasionally use and then change your config to point to that one when you need it.


You can also rename your active accouts with a "." (period) in front of them. The list is sorted and all of the accounts beginning with a period will be together at the top of the list.
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