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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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What I'm missing in UltraCompare Lite since we use UltraEdit v16.00.
There were always 2 fields at the bottom of the compare window with the actual line content of both files. This made it very easy to find out the actual difference between the 2 lines.
Now in UCL v6.40.1.1005 installed with UE v16.00 I cannot see those 2 fields with the line content anymore. Have they been removed?
In UCL v6.40.1.1005 the active line window is by default not enabled although still supported and I don't see an option in the menus to enable it. To enable it, copy following lines into an ASCII file, save it as EnableActiveLineWindow.reg and double click on this file in Explorer to import the data into your registry to activate the window.


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare Lite\Settings]

Better use the command from my next post as the execution of regedit.exe to import the data stored in the file to registry requires always administrator privileges although just a value of a registry key of current user account is modified by the data in the file. The execution of command reg.exe does not require administrator privileges if the user can access the registry key with the value with his privileges.
V8.00 of UC Lite seems to be missing the pane at the bottom of the screen showing the compared lines one above the other. This was invaluable in v5.10 of UC Lite. Is there any way to access this feature in v8.00?


If not, is it possible to have both versions installed side by side?

In UltraCompare Professional this additional window can be toggled via Show Active Line Window in menu View. This window displays on a comparison of 2 text files the active line of both files. And with UC Prof. it is additionally possible to edit each line after double clicking on a line in this window.

But Show Active Line Window is missing in menu View in UC Lite v8.00.0.1027 as installed with UE v21.00. I do not know the reason.

However, it is possible to get this window displayed also in UC Lite v8.00.0.1027 by toggling the setting in registry. It is not possible in UC Lite to edit the active lines, but displaying them in the additional window is possible.

You need to run only once the command

reg.exe ADD "HKCU\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare Lite\Settings" /v ShowAdditionalFrames /t REG_DWORD /f /d 1

either in a command prompt window or from within UltraEdit via Advanced - DOS Command.

It is not necessary to have administrator privileges to execute this command as it changes only a double word value in registry of current user.

The value 1 enables the Active Line Window for next start of UC Lite and all further starts. So as long as the command is not executed once again with value 0 at the end, or closed from within UC Lite, the active line window is always displayed in UC Lite.

Please note that executing the command while UC Lite is already running has no effect. The setting is read from registry only on start of UC Lite and written back on exit.
Best regards from Austria
Works perfectly!

Thank you very much indeed
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