IDM's forums provide a very useful and user-friendly wealth of knowledge for all users of all of IDM's products, and for a wide variety of tasks. An important part of what makes these forums so useful and user-friendly is that they are well-maintained by administrators and moderators.

To that end, from time to time IDM's forum members are pruned to delete spam and other malicious registrations. A variety of criteria is used to evaluate which accounts are spam accounts. Unfortunately from time to time, a false-positive may occur, and a legitimate user account may accidentally be deleted, although this is very rare.

If you have tried to log in but have found that your account has been deleted or does not exist, please simply re-apply for board registration and make sure to login and use your account as a normal, legitimate user of our forums.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but only wish to make this user forum as helpful and friendly as it can be for all of our users, registered and unregistered.