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I downloaded UC today and found the folowing problems trying it:
- in file comparison the refresh function does not seem to work (or does F5 not mean "reread files from disk"?)
- as I don't see colors very well, I would prefer to be able to use bold characters and different background colors for the differences (like k3diff). Have I overlooked possibilities to configure UC that way?

With these problems not solved, the advantages of UC for me (integration with UE and editing both files during a comparison session) don't make UC the better comparison tool for me.
You are right with the Refresh command. It looks like it does not work as explained in help of UltraEdit anymore. I needed to enable the configuration setting File change detection at Options - Configuration - File Handling and restart UltraCompare Prof. v8.00.0.1012 to get changes made in UltraEdit on one of the two compared files also displayed in UltraCompare. With File change detection enabled UC Prof. prompts the user to reload automatically and using Refresh command is not necessary. I will report this problem to IDM by email.

The font can be changed, but only for entire displayed text. For highlighting differences only the foreground and the background colors can be customized at Options - Configuration - Display - Text - Color & Font.

Thanks for the answer mofi.
I shall inform Peter from the IDM support, who has asked me to send my files.

As for the colors, they informed me, that they might consider more options in one of the next versions.

The problem with Refresh command not detecting file modification and reloading content of the modified file after confirmation by the user on Windows XP, if configuration setting File change detection is not enabled, is fixed finally in UltraCompare v8.10.0.1009.
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