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I love UEStudio but recently I was disappointed to find that the new features of Ultraedit aren't implemented in UEStudio.

Such as split explorer, New Open Files Dialog, Drag and Drop Tabs, Auto Tag matching, and so on.

Are there plans on implementing these feature soon and is UEStudio always going to be behind UltraEdit on upgraded features.

I bought the lifetime license under the impression that UEStudio would have all the features of UltraEdit plus some.
Upgrades of UEStudio always follow upgrades of UltraEdit with a delay of some days up to some weeks. That gives the developers time to fine tune or apply fixes on newly implemented features in UltraEdit according to reports of users early upgrading UltraEdit. Therefore users of UEStudio have to wait a few days longer for a new major release, but benefit often on better implemented features.

That is a very common strategy for software producing companies. First release the small version of the application which is used usually by a much bigger number of users (which paid fewer) and later release the already improved professional version of the application (which costs more). Even with a very long beta test period with a small group of beta testers there are always program code mistakes detected early by the whole user community after initial release of a new major version. So sometimes it is worth to wait a few days or weeks longer, but need to run the upgrade only once.

And often a new major version of UEStudio has also new features not available in UltraEdit which must be tested, best with the beta testers. That is often another reason for a delay. Customers of UEStudio paid more for UES than customers of UE and therefore they can and should expect also more.

Later, after a few weeks when both, UE and UES are on same level, hotfix builds are released simultaneously.
Thanks for the reply.

You explination answered my question well and I understand now why the features are delayed.

I too came to the forums to check out your query.

I'm very pleased to see the answer here and look forward to the new features. :P
Yes very helpful. I would buy UES if it came with a copy of UE until UES came out. Oh Well. I would not like to see this message removed since it is constructive and all can benefit.

amerifax wrote: I would buy UES if it came with a copy of UE until UES came out.

I'd agree with this - it would be nice if UEStudio keys also unlocked plain-old UE (since UEStudio is a superset). I don't think I've ever formally made this request to IDM, but I have asked for that from a couple security suites (since often the firewall component might be more unstable than the antivirus or whatever). Never successfully, though.

On the other hand, I think that it's usually only a few weeks until UEStudio is brought up to parity (and often with some fixes applied). If you look at it as all those UE users shaking out some additional bugs, that might make the additional wait time seem worthwhile.
Although I agree that it would be nice for a UES license holder to have the choice of running either UES or UE using the same license, IDM does not consider UE to be a trimmed down "subset" of UES. According to IDM, they are considered to be two separate product lines each requiring their own license. A couple years ago I purchased my own UES license (after using UE at my workplace for years). Since I wasn't using the IDE features of UES and have some older systems that do not well handle the larger UES installation, I actually uninstalled UES and requested a one-time irreversible downgrade from IDM. In other words, to avoid having to pay for another product to use on my slower systems, I asked that my license of UES be invalidated so that I can no longer upgrade it and, in its place, be provided with a UE registration key that can be used for future upgrades. I did not ask to be reimbursed the difference of the purchase price between the two products. Although they were under no obligation to do so, IDM was kind enough to honor my request.
I also had better, than I should expect, cooperation with there office recently. I had an install problem that was totally my fault. There help has better than, top of the line.

Know that I think of it it's most likely the reason I stayed with them for 8 plus years. Or was it the product. That's for sure!

This is a rather old topic that relates little to UEStudio of today. A day or week all is mute. UEStudio has a good track record with me. Ever day it proves out to be more than you would expect of an editor. Editor? Far more than that.

All that said, I'd still be very interested in knowing when some of the latest v20 UE customization features will make it into UES?
jwiede, you better ask IDM support by email about planned release date of UEStudio based on UE v20.00 core and do not ask that in the user-to-user forum as most likely no user has an answer on this question.
There's never a set release time for UEStudio after a new version of UE has been introduced. There are a lot of variables, and IDM doesn't even commit to a specific date, because they would rather release something done right than "by X date."

First, all bugs introduced by a new version of UE must be taken care of and tested. IDM likes to have a good window of time to thoroughly have UE tested by a large user base.

Next, the new UE core will be integrated into UEStudio, sometimes adding additional features to UEStudio at the same time (not always.)

Finally, a testing phase of UEStudio will need to take place, and then a release of UEStudio will happen.

In my experience, I have seen this take from 3 weeks to over 2 months. It will be here when it is here. If you have UEStudio set up to check for updates, then you will know about it when it happens.

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I'm in no hurry. Since I recently upgraded my system to a SSD, I've decided to not download every single release/hotfix that comes out for UE/UES. I'll be upgrading to UE 20 and UES 14 approximately 5-6 weeks after the release of UEStudio, which will be when I can be sure that there won't be several "rapid release hotfixes" to address issues, as by that time UE and UES should both be quite stable until the next major revision comes out. The reason I take this approach is to minimize the writes to my new SSD in order to prolong it's life.
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