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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I can get a listing of files, so I am connected but when I try to open a file I get the following error

Error: 'MDTM myfile': command not understood

My config:

Code: Select all
General:  Protocol FTP
          No Password
          User Account not specified
          Initial director specified

Server:   Server Type Tandem Guardian
          Full path leading character "/"
          Path / node Separator "/"
          Name Index -1
          Size index -1
          Use MDTM and size NOT SELECTED
          Passive transfer NOT SELECTED

Advanded: Transfer type ASCII
          Display FIlter Remote
SSH /SSL Not used
After looking at the FTP log I discovered MDTM commands being issued despite not having it checked in the configuration.

Version of UltraEdit is
Does it happen in other versions?
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