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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I've opened a file through SFTP and activated File Change Polling, but file is not refreshed.

Is this function supported, or is there some settings I should check for it to work properly? (I've changed the settings in File Change Detection submenu.)

I have never worked with FTP/SFTP feature, but I think the file polling feature is designed to work only for files opened from local or network drives or from a server with UNC path, but not for files loaded using FTP/SFTP.

I suggested IDM support by email that in menu View the command File Change Polling should be always disabled if the active file is loaded with FTP/SFTP to indicate the user that this feature is not available for FTP/SFTP loaded files. This was implemented in UltraEdit v17.10.0.1009.
Well, if there's no way of polling a file through SFTP, then I have a similar question regarding SSH.

I want to poll a log file from several machines, access is granted through either SSH or SFTP

My options would be:
  1. poll through SFTP (which is no longer an option)
  2. open a SSH session for each, tail the log file, then just poll the output of the terminal (this extra step is because i might need the last 5k lines)
Is there a more elegant/automated way of doing this?
  • set up UltraEdit to connect to each machine on startup or restore each connection when opening UltraEdit
  • add a command as the first line of the SSH session (15.20 has a remote command option, but that doesn't leave the terminal open after executing)
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