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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Hi, I was wondering how I can compare two folders.

I want to compare the permissions of two folders on two different servers like so:

Server A >C:\inetpub
*compare to*
Server B >C:\inetpub

and see the differences.

Is this possible?

UltraCompare compares files and folders by file date, file size, or file content, but not by file/folder permissions.

There is the SysInternals (Microsoft) tool AccessEnum to get a list of all files and subfolders of a folder with effective permissions. This list can be saved as CSV file. Doing that on both computers makes it possible for you to compare the permissions with UltraCompare by comparing the 2 CSV files. But AccessEnum supports also a built-in compare with a previously saved CSV file.
Thank you so much Mofi, I managed to extract the information with AccessEnum and then compare the two files with UltraCompare.
Thank you so much serious, I was looking for this for a long time now.
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