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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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I'm new to UES. I need to use projects extensively (will have dozens and switch regularly multiple times per day). I'm having a problem with it remembering open files. If I switch between projects by using the list of recently opened projects that show up in the bottom of the "Projects" menu, everything works great. The files of the current project are closed, the new prj is open and the files (that I had previously worked on) in that project are open. But if I go to the Projects->Project Manager menu and bring up a list of projects, select the one I want and say "Open" the project is opened but all files are closed. I have to go back and re-open all the files from that project that I previously was working on. I don't have the "Close all files when opening or swtiching projects" checkbox checked. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
There is indeed a difference between closing/opening files via recent project list and opening a project via project manager dialog while another project is currently opened. Please report all unexpected behavior by email to IDM support. I do the same because I see that wrong behavior too depending on configuration setting Close all files when opening or switching projects. A workaround is to always first close the current project and then open the project to work on next.

Edit: I made some tests with project switching and reported every problem I could see by email to IDM support. The 4 issues I reported could be reproduced by IDM support and are now in their database for being investigated by the developers.
UltraEdit hotfix page contains for UE v17.10.0.1009 the information

- Fixed issue where open files not properly retained/restored when loading project

That line is for the problem of not correct restoring project workspace on switching a project. The same fix is applied to UEStudio v11.00.0.1011. And opening a different project while a project is currently open is always done now with closing all files without asking the user if configuration setting Close all files when opening or switching projects is enabled. This enhancement is implemented also in UltraEdit v17.20.0.1013 (first public release of UE v17.20).

UEStudio v11.10.0.1003 and UltraEdit v17.20.0.1013 contain a further enhancement on opening a project. If after start of UES / UE just one (or more) new, not modified file(s) is open and the configuration setting Close all files when opening or switching projects is enabled, UES / UE does not ask anymore the user for closing the file(s) before opening the project. The new, not modified file is simply closed on opening a project. Just when named files or new, modified files are opened on opening a project and no project opened, the user is asked what to do with the already opened files.
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