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recently I updated to UE 17.x. Last week I did a file compare and I was surprised about some new behavior of UC Lite. As I could remember former versions of UC Lite offered a synchronized scrolling of both files to be compared. Using the current version scrolling will only be done within the current selected file. There is no sync to the other file.
Are there any settings to be customized or is it a new "feature" (but not a helpful one :( ).

Regards, Ingolf.
Yes, UC Lite v8.00.0.1010 installed with UE v17.10.0.1010 has by default synchronized scrolling not enabled. That can be changed by clicking on Window - Synchronized Vertical Scroll and Window - Synchronized Horizontal Scroll.

I could see with Process Monitor that with enabling the 2 options UC Lite sets the values of VSyncScroll and HSyncScroll to 1 under key HKCU\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare Lite\Settings in registry. But I could also see with Process Monitor that UC Lite does not read the values of these 2 settings on startup. That is obviously a problem of this version of UC Lite and I will report it to IDM support by email although I use normally UltraCompare Professional v8.10.0.1014 which does not have this problem.
Thank you. By selecting the way to scroll in the windows menu everything works like it should :lol: .

Regards, Ingolf.
5 month later the problem still persists.
Using UEStudio v11.20.0.1006 and UltraCompare Lite v8.00.0.1010
Well, enhancements and minor bug fixes are done according to a priority list by IDM and the priority is determined on how many users request an enhancement respectively report a bug by email to IDM support. It looks like I'm the only user who reported this problem of UC Lite and I made clear in my email that I use normally UC Professional where this problem does not exist. Therefore the priority to fix this bug in UC Lite, build a new version of UCL and pack it to UE and UES is still most likely very low.
You're not alone. I'm experiencing this bug too and reported it. I hope it get's fixed, else I'll probably revert to using w32dasm to try and fix it myself.
Wow, it's been several more months and still there's no fix. How hard can it be.
Do you have read my previous post? Fixing this bug in UC Lite is not depending on difficulty, it is depending on priority. And the priority is determined on how many user report a problem by email to IDM support. I reported it to IDM by email, but made clear in my email that I'm using UC Professional not having this problem and therefore the problem does not bother me. In the meantime I know that a second user reported this bug 1 week ago by email to IDM support. Taking that into account, it is not surprising that this issue is still not fixed because just 2 users reported this issue on free add-on tool of UltraEdit / UEStudio.
UCL v8.00.0.1027 installed with UE v19.10.0.1011 still does not read on startup the synchronized scrolling settings saved on last exit, but at least the two synchronized scrolling options are enabled now by default.

Build 1027 of UCL v8.00 can be used also with previous versions of UltraEdit or UEStudio. All needed is updated ucl.exe. The other two files ucl.chm and ucres.dll are not modified in comparison to build 1010.

Do following to get new ucl.exe without installing new version of UltraEdit:

  1. Download installer of latest UltraEdit for Windows from UltraEdit Downloads page.
  2. Double click on the installer to start the setup. On first window switch to Windows Explorer.
  3. Enter in the address bar of Windows Explorer %TEMP% and hit key RETURN to open the directory for temporary files.
  4. There is now a directory with a unique ID as directory name containing the file UltraEdit.msi. Best you search for that file in the directory for temporary files.
  5. Copy the file UltraEdit.msi to a different directory, for example C:\Temp
  6. Switch back to the installer dialog and press button Cancel to exit UltraEdit installation without changing anything.
  7. Now execute the command: msiexec.exe /a "C:\Temp\UltraEdit.msi" /qb TARGETDIR="C:\Temp\NewUltraEdit"
  8. In the created directory C:\Temp\NewUltraEdit there is now a smaller UltraEdit.msi and the directory tree Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit. In this directory is the file ucl.exe which you need to copy now into the program files directory of installed UltraEdit.
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