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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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I have a project with 12 files (data.prj). I go to PROJECT -> OPEN PROJECT/WORKSPACE -> [select] data.prj.

The project files do not open. Could someone point me in the right direction? (using Version

Here is my data.prj file:
[Project ID]
Signature=UE Proj: v.1
[Project Information]
Use Relative Directory=1
Relative to Project File=1
Include Sub Directories=1
Project Tagfile=
Project Wordfile=
Create Tagfile=0
There are 2 files for a project. The *.prj file stores the general project settings and which files belong to a project. The *.pui (Project User Interface) stores the workspace. This file contains the information which files were open on last close of the project, where the caret was positioned in every opened file, which lines are bookmarked, which lines are folded, etc. So this file contains the workspace for every user.

Opening a *.prj file results also opening *.pui file of the project and restoring last used workspace of the user. So if you want all 12 files of your project also opened when opening a project, just open the 12 files, for example via the Project Settings dialog or via the Project tab of the File Tree View and keep them open. On closing the project, the list of opened files is saved into the *.pui file and restored on next opening of the file.

There is no setting to force an automatic opening of all project files on project open. For projects with several hundred files and especially for projects where several persons work on, this would be now good idea and most users want the last workspace restored.

There are 2 possible names for the *.pui file. The default is that the *.pui file is named Project.[Workstation].[UserName].pui stored in same directory as *.prj. This naming scheme is best for projects where several persons work on because every user has its own workspace file stored in the project directory. The other name used when enabling Save project information for use on multiple systems at Advanced - Configuration - File Handling - Advanced is just Project.pui stored also in the *.prj directory. This option is best for single user projects, especially when the *.prj file is stored in a directory of the project or a subdirectory of the project directory and the project is copied often two another computer, or when the same user often uses different user accounts on same computer.
Thank you, Mofi. You confirmed what I learned from a lot of time spent experimenting. I appreciate it.

Having the option to "force" open all files in a project would be helpful to me, and seems to be an intuitive option, as well.

I would like to request this feature/option. How can I make this request? I cannot find a specific location on for making feature suggestions/requests.

Mofi, thank you again for your patient help!
forsooth wrote: How can I make this request?

There is the Tech Support page with a form at end. But as you can read at top of this forum page on second paragraph, feature requests should be sent to IDM support by email. Click on email us directly mailto link at top of this page.
Mofi -- Thank you and I did make the request. Until some time in the future, I'm using Notepad++ as my editor, since it does give the user the ability to open any project (all files) immediately, regardless of which files were last opened.

Again, if I've overlooked something in UE, please let me know.
I have not tested it, but perhaps you could open the project, open all project files, close the project, set read-only attribute on file project.pui and re-open the project. Now UE can't update the workspace file anymore and therefore on opening the project, all files of the project are always opened. Of course with read-only attribute set, UltraEdit can't remember anymore the caret positions, bookmarks and code foldings active on closing a project.
Thanks, Mofi -- Yes, this seems to work!! Good thinking! I will use this method and continue working with UE as an IDE. I hope that the UE team will provide an "open all files in project" option in the near future so that the user doesn't have to sacrifice good features in order to quickly open project files.

Thanks again for your help on this. If you get any other ideas, please send them along!

[UPDATE]...Of course, this prevents the user from adding or removing files from the project, unless the project.pui file's "read only" is unchecked... :cry:
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