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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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If I select 2 files in the tree view in UES and then click the UC button then UC opens with those 2 files in the compare fields. Great. Just what I want. However, if I select 2 folders and then click the UC button it opens in file compare mode and choosing folder mode in that dialog just switches to 2 empty fields for comparison. What am I doing wrong? I'd have thought the integration would have detected that I'd chosen 2 folders and opened UC in the appropriate mode with the fields filled in for me?

The UC symbol in the toolbar has the command name Compare two files. So this command is only for running a two-way file compare according to the name.

You can click on File - Compare... to open the Compare Files/Folders dialog, select the 2 or 3 directories to compare and run the folder compare (recursive).

Or you select 2 folders on Explorer tab, right click to open context menu and click on item Compare 2 Directories.
Selecting the 2 folders and context clicking does the job thanks.

To be fair, the file menu has a "Compare..." entry and that defaults to files even if you have folder selected. Anyway, problem solved.
The options set when using File - Compare... defaults to the same as on last usage.

I doubt that UE/UES takes into account what is currently selected on Explorer tab in Workspace Manager (UES) respectively File View (UE) when opening Compare Files/Folders dialog via File menu.

I usually don't use the Explorer tab (which I have docked on right side when opened at all), but usually preselected are the names of the currently active file and the file active before according to document window history. I think that's the reason why the not customizable context menus of Explorer tab as well as Open tab contain menu item Compare 2 Files... or Compare 3 Files... or Compare 2 Directories... or Compare 3 Directories... depending on what is selected in the view.
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