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I was using Lucida Console 14 and noticed that when you navigate through source, the blue bar chop's off the tops of letters below and above (eg the top of the letter 'f'). I remember that when trying other fonts, you can see -when navigating the source- that the text is re-drawn which is somewhat a distraction. What is the best font to use with UltraEdit on MAC Snow-Leopard ? I like a fixed pitch, modern smooth, font that is rock solid in text, hex and column mode.
- Peter -
UE-Mac has longstanding problems with font display that the developers only seem to be able to fix on a font-by-font basis.

Personally, I'm using Akkurat-Mono, but it's got "space shifting" problems when selecting text. Is that irritating? Yes, it is. But there you have it.

There's a good overview of monospace programming fonts here:
I have always found COURIER to be the best choice.... and COURIER .. not "COURIER NEW"
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