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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I can't navigate through folders (directories) using an FTP account. I recently upgraded from UE 13.x to UE version

The first difference I noticed: SERVER TYPE: Was: VAX/VMS Is: OpenVMS. (VAX/VMS selection was removed.) The documentation led me to that selection even though I'm still using a VAX/VMS system.

The problem:
  1. Once I connect to the OPENVMS server, I can see all my files and folders from the "Initial Directory".
  2. 2. I double clicked on folder ADMIN.DIR. I expected to see the contents of that folder; however, all I got was the refreshing of the original folder's contents.
  3. 3. I turned on logging and noticed the following command: CWD ADMIN.DIR (change working directory "newfolder".dir) with error message "directory not found: ADMIN.DIR".
  4. 4. I had a friend using an older version of UE try the same operation and she saw the following command: CWD ADMIN and she got the expected results (contents of ADMIN folder).
* The new version includes the ".DIR" extension in the command. Knowing VMS syntax: "set def ADMIN.DIR" will not work either but "set def ADMIN" will.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
Is selecting OPENVMS equivalent to VAX/VMS from older versions?
This sounds like an issue you will need to contact IDM support for. I've never used a VAX/VMS server but I did have problems with the MVS server connection when they made changes for the V16 release. Send in your logs and a detailed explanation of the problem and they should be able to resolve it for you quickly.


Thanks Frank. I will contact them tomorrow. :)
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