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I am using UEX and my renewal has just expired. There seems to be a bug in this version where I can't access an SFTP server with a port other than 22 (perhaps its 3 or 4 digit length ports, we are using 8616). I get a libcurl error. I would happily upgrade if there is a fix in the latest version, The change-log states there are some fixes but does not directly state that this is fixed. IDM tech support somewhat unhelpfully states.

"Thank you for your response. While I don't believe we have seen any users reporting problems with FTP when connecting on a non-standard port, I would recommend updating to to see if this fixes the FTP issue."

My point is I am not going to spend the money unless its fixed. Can anyone give me more information on this issue?

Well I just downloaded for Linux (Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal) and got the Libcurl error:
"A libcurl function was given a bad argument".

Used as host a normal Windows server running Filezilla Server software. No special ports, plain old FTP. This is very disappointing.
Ok, that I need to revoke. I tested it again and discovered libcurl3 was not installed.
Strangely enough UltraEdit doesn't have a dependency to that library.

It didn't work at once, I also filled in the wrong password, but instead of a " wrong password " error I kept getting "bad argument". Which is in no way descriptive on itself :(.

Now it works. (on a standard port that is)
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