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I'm trying to connect via FTP and get the following error:
When I select "Files->Remote Files->Browse"

I select an account and press "Connect"
I get an error message that says "A libcurl function was given a bad argument"


Any help greatly appreciated
yup..... I get the same thing..... and I have brought it to IDM's attention as well....

which for now is fine, I never really liked doing FTP within UE..... it was too hard to keep local and remote copies in synch.

So I save local with UE, and use CyberDuck to move things to remote servers.
A user of UEX v2.2.0.9 found out that libcurl3 library is needed, see None standard SFTP port. Therefore I suppose that UEM v2.2.0.9 needs also libcurl3 library.
Not true, the Libcurl library is an intregal part of OSX and does not need to be installed like it would be for Windows.

If IDM is using a version of the Libcurl library that is not what is with OSX, then they should specifiy that, and not leave the users wallowing, trying to figure it out on their own.

OSX (Snow Leopard) has libcurl 7.19.7 installed which looks like a fairly recent version, as all else I can find mentioned on the web are version 7.15 and 7.18.

PLEASE NOTE : the link you supplied related to fixing this issue for LINUX.... LINUX requires the user to install libcurl, just like Windows would.. OSX DOES NOT, it is already there, and updated by APPLE as required.
UEX and UEM have the same core. Therefore it seems likely the supposition that both versions depend on the same libraries. There are newer versions of Libcurl, see Changelog of Libcurl. Libcurl3 is not short for Libcurl version 3.x. A newer version of Libcurl for Mac OS X is available for download on Releases and Downloads page of Libcurl.

I agree that IDM should take care on what is available on Mac by default and don't create UEM which depends on newer versions of a library.

UE for Windows does not use the Libcurl library at all.
For the record.... here is the response I got from IDM (Dec2010 many beta versions ago)

Thank you for your response. Our developers do plan to address this in the near future so that the instances that cause the "libcurl" error will return more specific errors. It is possible to get this error if the IP address/domain name or username or password defined for an account are somehow incorrect.

Note: It is now Sept 2011, and there has not be a mention of cURL since (the latest beta DOES have some FTP fixes but I have not had a chance to look into them yet). Note also, there is no mention of upgrading the Libcurl library. I brought this issue up with IDM again, and expect a response after they open tomorrow morning.
Thanks Dave, Look forward to the response.
IDM wrote: I apologize for any confusion here. You are correct that users should not have to install anything separate from UEX itself to use FTP in UEX.
It still shows the same "generic" error message.

For me the program is useless unless I can get SFTP to work with my Proxy and it does not at the moment. I have set it up like on the Windows version and there it runs perfect.
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