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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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Beginning this week, one of my FTP accounts is no longer displaying folders in the FTP browser. I figured perhaps it was the server using a different protocol and thought I would figure out the issue at a later date. I am able to manually enter the folders into the path to change directories so didn't need to see them right now.

A day later I noticed a new version was available and updated UE.

Today during a second FTP session to a different account, the folders disappeared from the browser again. I can see the files, just not the folders. I can manually access the folders, but I cannot see them.

This is becoming an issue for me and was wondering how I can help to resolve this issue.

*edit additional info

- "Hide directories" is not checked.
- I can still see the folders in my other accounts.
- standard FTP connection to a Linux box.
The issue is now resolved.
There is a display filter in the FTP Open dialog box. The display filter, located under the Connect button, was set to *.*. When I deleted this and left the box blank, I could again see my folders.

I want to thank Troy for his assistance in helping me to resolve this issue.
I had the same problem. Clearing out the *.* worked!

Thanks for asking the question.
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