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Help with setting up and configuring custom user tools in UltraEdit (based on command line input)
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First time using UE as a trial to see if I need the upgrade.

I have a VBS script that I have created. Is there a way I can "run" the script right from the UE interface or do I need to save and double click the VBS script?

I see that UEStudio has the functionality was wondering if possible in UE?

It is not possible to execute a vbScript from in the UE IDE... though I have suggested to IDM that they enhance UES to support Windows script execution and debugging like vbsEdit does.
You can run Visual Basic scripts directly from within UltraEdit by configuring a user tool. Open Advanced - Tool Configuration and enter following on the 3 tabs:

On tab Command:

Menu Item Name: Run Visual Basic Script (for example)
Command Line: C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe "%f"
Working Directory: (let it empty or use just %p)
Toolbar bitmap/icon: (let it empty or browse to a BMP or ICO file)
You could extract an icon from wscript.exe, if you want an appropriate icon for the tool.

On tab Options:

Program Type: Dos Program
Save Active File: checked
Save all files first: unchecked

On tab Output:

Command Output: Append to existing
Show DOS Box: unchecked
Capture Output: unchecked
Replace selected text with: No replace

The configured user tool added with button Insert can be executed from menu Advanced, by hotkey which can be changed in the Key Mapping configuration dialog (AdvancedUserToolx), or from the toolbar if you customize it and add the command User Tool x.

If your VBS files usually print something to standard output console, you should use on third tab Output:

Command Output: Output to list box
Show DOS Box: unchecked
Capture Output: checked
Replace selected text with: No replace

This user tool saves on execution the active file and then calls Windows Scripting Host with full name of the active file for being interpreted and executed.

Additional options as wscript.exe /? shows with a prompt message can be used also on command line.
thanks Mofi, that worked!
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