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UltraEdit keeps crashing on load with error message "uex: symbol lookup error: uex: undefined symbol: ucnv_open_44"
I have install icu and all of the dependencies. Some are newer and I create symlinks with the older name to the new names. It could be a function name conflict, but does anybody know?
Some of the shared library dependencies were updated in the latest Fedora release. We'll need a new build of UltraEdit. I sent a message to tech support a few days ago so they're aware of the problem but it wouldn't hurt for you to do the same so that they are aware that the issue is impacting more than just one person.
FWIW, I was able to start beta version with success on 64-bit Fedora 16 today. I haven't had a chance to test it beyond initialization yet but at least all of the shared library dependencies resolve correctly.
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