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Is there any way to get rid of or hide the "Upload / Download" window? I don't care for it and it's a nuiscane. In addition, there is a bug where when you minimize UltraEdit to the dock you cannot bring up the UltraEdit window again until you close the "Upload / Download" window.
That issue has already been submitted to the IDM team for consideration in a future version.
The sooner this is nuked the better.

I've been a user of UltraEdit for many many years on Windows and as a relatively recent converter to Mac was pleased that there was a native client.

However, this doesn't come without a price. I've personally found many annoying little niggles with the Mac client that either don't mirror the Windows client well or add annoyances like this dammed upload/download window.

There are many Mac UI bugs and un-finessed element, on of which on this window is that fact that you can't use the standard two-finger scroll on this window's content but have to position the cursor of the scroll bar.
Make sure you document all your concerns and sent them directly to IDM, otherwise they may not be addressed as quickly.

Personally I have sent dozens of emails (both as part of official beta testing, and afterwards), and had many of my suggestions implemented, and others slated for future releases. So they DO listen... you just have to tell them (and posting here is NOT telling IDM, this is a users only forum)
How may I remove the Uploads/Downloads dialog which appears after every save or open? It is quite irritating.

I've searched the forum but only find the posts above dating to 2011 suggesting it may be done.

Thanks :?:
Are you talking about an Upload/Download (FTP) dialog appearing when you do a LOCAL load/save?

If so, I have never seen this happen, and I've been using UEM since version 1
DaveS wrote: Are you talking about an Upload/Download (FTP) dialog appearing when you do a LOCAL load/save?

No, the dialog at issue, at least for me, is the Upload/Download dialog that shows after each FTP file load. The dialog must be closed to access the file.

Having an option to avoid it or close it automatically after success would speed development.
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