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I am running UltraEdit for Mac 3.0. The "Find in Files" dialog does not seem to do anything.

I filled in the search string, "find where" is "Files listed", "in files/types" is "*.java", the root directory to search, and checked the "Include subdirectories". When I click the "Find" button, nothing happens. The dialog does not close or change in any way, and no files are listed. I know the string is present in the files, because I used another editor to search and it finds the files.
Yes I am facing a same problem. Wondering if anyone can comment on this please?

Very frustrating.
I had the same frustration. Check the far right side of your window. You should see a sideways tab called Output Window. Click or hover on that and you'll see the output window appear at the bottom of your window.

It's not the most useful approach, because the output window likes to disappear if you move your mouse the wrong way. However, you can right-click and Copy to Clipboard. Then, it's easy to paste the results into a new document.
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