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Hi all--

I can't figure out how to get auto complete to... complete!! I have it turned on, and when I type, I do see the little window pop up with suggestions. However, I have to manually scroll over it with my mouse, click inside the box, THEN I can use the arrows/mouse to highlight the entry I want, and hit enter. This really does nothing towards saving time, rather, it just makes things slower. This would be an extremely helpful feature, if only I could figure out a way to use it.

When the window pops up.. I've tried hitting 'tab', 'enter' 'return' 'right arrow' 'left arrow', everything, to make selections active inside the auto complete.

What am I doing wrong? Help! :)

Well.... I typed 2 characters of a word... AutoComplete Box popped up... I hit the DOWN arrow a few times... then return... worked just fine
I too have the same issues. When the little box appears, I can't do anything except click with the mouse inside the box, *then* use the arrow keys to select.

If I press the down arrow when the box appears, it causes the box to disappear and the cursor moves down a line in the code. It seems as if the box doesn't get selected by default.

This issue is keeping me away from buying an upgrade at this time.
Glad to know I'm not the only one. That's a perfect description of what's also happening to me.

If there are any suggestions on how to fix this, it's greatly appreciated.
I'm not using UltraEdit for Mac and therefore just watched this topic. What I miss here in the discussion is the version number of UEM and the version of the operating system. Perhaps this issue exists only for a specific version of UEM or under a specific version of the operating system.
I'm running UE on a MacBook Pro running 10.7.3

IDM wrote: Concerning auto-complete, this is a known issue that our developers are working to resolve. I have added your name to our internal tracking system so we can contact you when a fixed build is ready for you to test.
I'm running the same version of UEM ( on a new iMac running Mac OS X 10.7.3.
Apparently this is fixed in UEM on OSX 10.6.8. At least it works for me. :)
I still cannot get this to work, on Mac 10.8.2 and UE version 3.3.02. At least it is not working with keystrokes, if I select the text with my mouse, it will highlight and then I can hit return, but not with keys. Anyone know the proper way to select the recommended word and apply it?
Autocomplete no longer works for me with the new release ( on 10.6.8 ). When I type two letters (my autocomplete minimum number of characters) the box shows up with one or more choices, but the first choice has a grey background instead of bold blue (for me). if I hit the down arrow, the box goes away. If I click on a word in the box, it becomes highlighted. Return will then pick that one and go on.

Oddly enough, once I click on one of the words in the box, I can change my choice with the up/down arrow, but I can no longer click on an alternate word.

Hopefully this will be fixed in the next minor release. :)

This appears to be fixed again in

Can anyone verify this?

It's still the same problem with auto-complete in Version (Mac OS X 10.8.2) as Travis mentioned.
Unfortunately ! :(
I just tried this UE 3.3.04 .... OSX 10.7.5

when I type two characters.. the dropdown box appears.. first word is BLUE BOLD... I can use the arrows to move up and down within the box, and pressing RETURN completes the currently selected word.

BUT.... clicking with the mouse to select a word has NO effect. I must use Arrow keys, and RETURN
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