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Love this editor on Windows and Mac, but Linux has been nothing but problems. Just rebuilt my desktop with Ubuntu 11.10, installed UEX 3.0.11/Linux, and attempted to run it.

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uex: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I'm not using Linux.

Perhaps some of the posts in topic ue -> xfce libboost regex help.

Or search with a WWW search engine for libboost 1.46.1 install "ubuntu 11.10" regex and you will find lots of webpages. One of them surely explains how to install this shared library.

Or you search at Linux Free Software Catalog and Packages Search for the libbost-regex library for your system.

Last you can also download the library from Boost Downloads.

I don't know which package is the right one for you because you have not posted enough information about your Linux system.
I ended up getting it working.

More to my point is that I use UltraEdit on Windows, Mac, and Linux. IMHO, the Linux product feels like it gets very little attention (which may be the case). If I'm downloading a .deb package then shouldn't all it's dependencies be defined and installed when I dpkg it?

Each new version on Linux seems to come with it's own quirks. Yet the Mac and Windows versions are solid.

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