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Is there a way to have UltraEdit for Mac automatically add a default extension to a file when you save it for the first time? There must be a way to do this but I can't locate it or figure it out. When I'm writing multiple files and saving them, it's kind of humbug to have to add the extension manually every time.


In UltraEdit for Windows there is Advanced - Configuration - File Types. I'm not using UEM, but according to online help page File Types (“File Filters” on Mac/Linux) this configuration dialog exists also for UEM. If the top most one is *.* and you do not select a different file type in Save As dialog, you have to enter also a file extension.
Changing the File Type Associations is located here.


NOTE one VERY important thing. Just because you list the file extensions in UEM... does NOT mean that they will open UEM when you double click on one... they will by DEFAULT... but if you

GET INFO and change the "Open With" parameter in FINDER... that will override UEM...
Yes, the File Filters (File Types) are only the filter settings for File - Open and File - Save As dialogs.

In UltraEdit for Windows there is File Associations dialog to associate file extensions with UltraEdit by adding or changing registration for a file extension in Windows registry. Of course such a file association could be done also with Windows Explorer. But there is an advantage of using the File Associations configuration dialog in UE instead of doing it with Windows Explorer, UltraEdit remembers current association and restores it when deleting the assocation from within the dialog which Windows Explorer does not.

I don't know if UltraEdit for Mac has also such a dialog as there is no registry.
As I stated.... UEM sets the file associations in OSX FINDER..... ONCE..... if you use FINDER to change that association via the "GET INFO" panel..... it over-rides UEM file filters....

please remember.... just because Windows and UEW do something does not mean that OSX and UEM are even close to doing it the same way.
Thanks, Dave. Your post above answers all my questions regarding File Associations currently not answered on IDM's official help page:

Also in UEM there is a File Associations preferences dialog which can be used to associate file types with UEM by the users.

While UltraEdit for Mac makes the file association in OSX FINDER, UltraEdit for Windows makes it in registry of Windows. It looks like this is the only difference.

Also on Windows the file association made with UltraEdit can be overridden by a user with Windows Explorer, although it would be better first to delete the file association in configuration dialog of UltraEdit and then use Windows Explorer to associate a file extension with a different application.
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