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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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First I just downloaded UES so I'm a total noob. So far its been pretty straight forward to setup. I have been using another editor and may switch if i can get it setup like I need. I have one last issue.

I compile on a different computer. The compiler output goes to a file and screen on my Linux box. I want to import that file into the output window so I can go to bugs.
It's the gnu compiler.

Is there a simple way to do this?
Well, the simpliest method to get contents of a file into active output window in UE/UES is to use a user/project tool with Windows standard command type. type prints the file contents to stdout and UE/UES captures this output to output window.

If you are using a configuration in UEStudio you can append the type command also to [Build] for build/rebuild and [.C], [.CPP] for single file compile.

It would be also possible to write an UltraEdit script which opens the file in UltraEdit, reads all lines into a string variable, writes them to output window and closes the file. But that is not as smooth as using a user/project tool or get the output directly from build/compile operation.
thx for your help. I added a new tool and now have the compiler output in the window.

The little forward/reverse buttons on the output window take me the bugs in my compile output. (yea)
My other editor would put little red dots in the margin by all the bugs in my text window. Can UE do that ?
marklee wrote: My other editor would put little red dots in the margin by all the bugs in my text window. Can UE do that?

UltraEdit do not special highlight or mark something in output window as the output window can be used for everything - find results, any captured text, what a script writes to the output window, ... The output window is not a Build message window or Error console window.

Hint: The quickest method to navigate from one line with an error in source file(s) to next line with an error according to the lines in output window is to use Ctrl+Shift+Down for Next Message and Ctrl+Shift+Up for Previous Message pressed with focus on a document window. So there is no need to move a hand to the mouse or set focus to output window and scroll there to jump to next line with an error in the source files. The source file is automatically opened by UltraEdit if not being already opened. The hotkeys for these 2 commands can be customized if you don't like Ctrl+Shift+Down/Up.
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