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I was expecting to see (what I consider to be) a symbols list when I click on the IntelliSense "Symbols list" icon, but I get the same list as when I click on the IntelliSense "Keywords list". In fact, if I click on one and use my down arrow key to highlight an entry, and then click the icon for the other list, nothing changes.

Can anyone else confirm that IntelliSense "Symbols list" is displaying IntelliSense "Keywords list" instead?

You are absolutely right. I rarely use these two lists, but both show the same list for a C project I have currently loaded which is identical to the list in auto-completion window. Please report this issue by email to IDM support.
Symbols and Keywords are displaying Identical using my Delphi 2010 wordfile as well, using UEStudio

Looks to me like all it is doing for me is giving me the "auto-complete" dialog, as even my environment, global, and language templates are also included in the list (I have my templates configured to show in the auto-complete list.) Also, if I have my cursor within a symbol, then it will only show that one symbol, as if I had just pressed ctrl-space.

Whenever I click on the IntelliSense Keywords list or Symbols list, all I get is a "ctrl-space" functionality from it. Perhaps this is why I never used those buttons.
Thanks - I will send to IDM
The beta test period of UEStudio v12.10 is currently active and therefore I asked IDM for clarification on this issue. As it turns out there is no problem with the symbols and keywords lists, just the descriptions of these 2 lists were poor as they did not explain what these 2 lists really contain.

The webpage UEStudio integrated development environment tour: IntelliTips and the power tip Using IntelliTips contain now a better description for these two lists. The online and offline help pages about the IntelliTip Toolbar will be modified too (hopefully soon).

If the caret is currently not on a symbol, but for example within a comment or on a new line, the symbols list is equal the keywords list and that is of course correct in this case.

As I evaluated the lists according to the power tip with beta version of UEStudio and some of my C/C++ files I found out that the symbols list works fine for structures and classes in C/C++ files. The available structure/class members are listed in the symbols list when caret is right to . or -> with a variable name left. But I could also see that the smart templates are listed above the strings of the structure/class members making the symbols list not very useful in this special case as the list of smart templates is quite long. The user has to uncheck the configuration setting Include templates in auto-complete dialog to get a really useful symbols list when caret is right of . or ->. I suggested IDM that in this special case with caret right of . or -> it would be better to not include the smart templates in the symbols respectively completion list, or list them at bottom below the structure/class members suitable to the variable left of . or ->.
Thanks for that clarification. Because of the behavior I was getting I just never understood how they were to be used.

Hope this helps the OP as well.
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