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Hi everyone!

I've been using Ultraedit at work on a windows-machine for quite some time. I am on Linux at home and wasn't able to find an editor I really liked, so I gave UEx a try.
I'm on Lubuntu 12.10 with LXDE and I used the uex-deb-package provided by ubuntu to install ( It works just fine except: all the checkboxes in menus, dialogues etc are invisible. They work, so if you blindly check something, the feature is turned on/off, but I cannot see it.

Is it just that 12.10 isn't fully supported yet? I havent noticed this problem in any other application. Am I missing some lib?
Maybe someone has an idea, and please let me know if you need more information about my environment. I'm happy to provide that, I just don't know what might be useful.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
It might be worth to try if this happens also when using another desktop theme as the one you currently use.
Thanks alot, I never got that idea. Changing the theme made it go away!

Again, thank you. Sometimes it's so simple.
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