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Help with setting up and configuring custom user tools in UltraEdit (based on command line input)
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Download TestInvalid

This is the final installment of the command line tools for Syntax Highlighting wordfiles.

1st was SortLanguage, then TestDuplicate, and now TestInvalid. Each of these are intended to replace those items found in Mofi's Syntax Highlighting Tools Macros.

TestInvalid has been thoroughly tested. It is production ready, so use it, but use it wisely.

Help for how to use it can be obtained by typing the command at the prompt. The usage is the same as for TestDuplicate, and you also have the same -fix switch that will remove all invalid words from the specified wordfile.

Don't use the -fix option unless you absolutely know what you're doing, and even then, the -fix option can be quite dangerous, as in most cases an invalid word should be edited and not simply blindly removed.
This post was edited to remove bug reports that have since been fixed.
I have now uploaded a corrected version of this program, version 1.10. It now follows, to the best that I can tell, the rules that it should.
Version 1.12 has been released, and replaces the above download link.

This new version, by request of a user, now gives the "reason" a word is invalid by stating what delimiters were used in the word in an illegal fashion.
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