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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Is it possible to flatten the tree view in UltraCompare, or in some other way mass delete all identical files from one pane only in a recursive folder compare?

I've recently upgraded UC by several versions, and I'm pretty sure this used to be both possible and easy in the older version, but if it's doable in the new version, I can't figure out how. Am I missing something?
  • Run the recursive folder compare.
  • Click in the toolbar on equal symbol to get only the identical files displayed.
  • Right click into the pane where you want do delete the identical files, and left click on context menu option Expand all items.
  • Now select the first file at top with left mouse button, scroll down to last file and while holding SHIFT left click on last file. That selects all displayed files.
  • Right click once again into the pane and left click on context menu item Delete selected file(s) / folder(s). A dialog opens where you can select if the selected files should be deleted frim first, second, or both sides.
  • Select the right option and press button Yes to All.
Attention: Selected subfolders are also deleted completely even if they contain not identical files. You need to deselect those folders by holding CTRL key and left clicking on the folder before executing the command to delete all selected files and folders. The subfolders with not 100% identical files have a folder icon with an asterisk.
Thanks, Mofi. The problem was that there were a lot of folders involved, so that would have been a lengthy task. If need be, I'll revert to the older version...I honestly don't think there's anything in the newer version I need anyway.
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