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Why is it that I can go
1.(from the tool bar) Project...New Project/Workspace...Create New Project Using Templates.
1a from the compilers list: select Visual Studio 2010 (it doesn't matter whether VS 2008 or VS 2005)
Four templates shown (Dynamic Link Library (C++), Static Library (c++), user defines and Win 32 console (C++).
Why are all these c++ where is a template for c sharp?

If I do (again starting from the tool bar) Build...Select Compiler...I can now find c# Compiler...Console Application under Visual Studio 2010,

So I really have to do set the template from the ...compiler list and selecting Microsoft .Net...then select c# template. (if I leave it at this compiler csc.exe is not known)
Followed by setting the c# compiler from the build menu.
You are correct that there is no "template" for Visual Studio 2010 C# projects.

Templates can be created by you, however.

What you need to do if you want to start a project with C# is the following:
Project -> New Project/Workspace -> Create New Project
(Don't Create project using templates!)
In the dialog that pops up, select the Settings tab. Make sure the checkbox "Compilable is checked. Then click the button, "Set/Change Compiler". Scroll down the list of compilers to Visual Studio 2010 and click on it. Now you will see selections for Visual Basic Compiler, Visual C# compiler, Visual C++ Compiler, and Visual J# Compiler. Click on the Visual C# compiler option here. Now you can select from Class Library, Console Application, or Windows Application.

If needed, you can edit the configuration and make that new configuration local for only that project or global for all new projects as well. In most cases, you shouldn't have to edit this particular configuration.

The difference between creating a new project from scratch like this and using a template is that a template will give you a "starter file" that will help you get started coding. This generally isn't necessary for me, but creating a new template isn't that hard.

I'm a bit busy today, and will be out of town for a couple of days. However, sometime during the first part of the week, possibly by Tuesday or Wednesday, I would be happy to see if I can create templates for C# that can be shared with other users.
Thank you for your explanation. I'm looking forward to your input of the creation of c sharp templates.
I have created 3 templates, and zipped them up for you. They are attached.

You can take a look at the templates, and they will show you how to make more.

Extract these files to your UEStudio\projects\Visual Studio 2010\ path.


Thank you very much indeed. I'll take a look at them right now.
Just tried your new templates and they work great!
Just wondering why there's none included in the official download so as to make it complete and easy?
Thanks again.
johnw wrote: Just wondering why there's none included in the official download so as to make it complete and easy?

I don't know it for sure, but I think, many configurations for the supported compilers and also many project templates were made by UEStudio users and contributed to IDM by email which added them to the library. Or do you really think that IDM has all those compilers installed, read their documentations and has tested all of them by creating projects and building them? I don't think so.
This is Microsoft Visual Studio and c# not some small obscure company and compiler. There are visual studio template folders for versions going back to 2005 with c++ templates included by default when it's downloaded.
Perhaps no one has submitted the C# templates as of yet. I'll send it in, perhaps they will be included in the next version of UEStudio. Until then, they are now available here.
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