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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Hi to all

I buy UltraCompare and I would like to compare (in folder mode) a local folder on my PC to a FTP folder : just list of files (no dates or size, etc)

But when I choose local folder from 1 side and FTP folder on 2nd, and launch the compare, each FTP file (which are ISOs) are being downloaded to a temp file on my PC !!!!

So on the FTP server, I restricted the user acess to read/list, but it still download ! I restricted to "list" but I get an error.

I thought the Ultracompare should just list local directory and FTP directory then compare, not download all FTP to a temp file. Did I miss something ?

On the "session" option (folder compare) I just disabled everything. No binary comparison or so.

Any suggestion ?
My understanding of how UltraCompare works is that it actually compares the contents of the files, not just the file names, size, and dates, etc. like some other compare utilities. This offers a more accurate compare solution, as there may be differences outside of name/size/date/time.

I've never used UltraCompare in this manner, however, as I have no need to compare via FTP. Perhaps someone else can give more complete info on this matter.
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