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Hello all,

IDM is pleased to pre-announce the upcoming release of UltraSentry v2.0

We not only took your feature requests into consideration but also added a few of our own to boot! Among the exciting new features are:

New, easy-to-use Wizard for Basic and Advanced cleaning operations
Cookie Manager (allows user to keep selected cookies)
Cross-Browser Support added
- Netscape Navigator
- Mozilla/Firefox
- Opera
- Internet Explorer
MS Office support (Secure delete from within MS Word/Excel)
Stealth Mode (Execute cleaning operations from hot keys!)
All new exciting look! Complete Icon Overhaul.
Time remaining indicator for active profile cleaning operations.
And other performance enhancement changes.

We expect to release UltraSentry v2.0 in the next few short weeks. The commercial release of UltraSentry v2.0 not only signifies a material feature expansion for the product but also models our commitment to maturing it into a market leader.

In fact, with this release, UltraSentry will compete directly with any of the the Top-Ten rated file deletion Ultilites available on the web including those costing three times as much.

We look forward to many exciting version releases in the years to come and appreciate your feedback. Keep the feature requests coming!

Again, look for the release of UltraSentry v2.0 June 2005!


Team IDM
Cooooool! Let us get it quick! :lol:
esp. the cross browser sup is highly welcome!
The most important improvements will be to do something about the memory usage and make the program much faster.

As it is now, it will use so much memory that the rest of Windows won't respond, and that's just when it's deleting temporary internet files. I have tested several similar utilities and this is the only one that uses hundreds of megs of ram in Windows XP.

Also, it the only one that takes hours to delete temporary internet files - the others seem much faster.

If you can fix the memory and speed issues, you'll have a good product.
Hello and thank you for your comments on UltraSentry.

If you are having any problems with the speed of UltraSentry, please contact Our staff can respond directly to any issues you have and hopefully resolve the issue you are experiencing.

The problem you are describing is not something we have seen before and may be unique to your system configuration. In any event, we want you to be satisfied with UltraSentry and desire to resolve your performance issue.

Again, if you desire technical support, we are just an email away:

We would also appreciate your involvement in our v2.0 release. If you are not signed up, please join out beta testers by sending an email to us at and just request to be added to the US beta list.

This is what is being said about v2.0:




"This office integration rocks! I tried this with a couple of very
sensitive Word files and they're really gone now..."

"First of all I need to thank you that you support Opera as it's my choice of browser - have actually been for five years now. Opera is not too often supported where as IE and Mozilla FF are....I deleted all selectable items (excluding the auto completion data) and all worked flawlessly..."

Although we have never received a report regards to US performance, we are receptive in hearing your specific experience so we can address the issue and determine if there is something we can do for you.

Best wishes and many thanks for your feedback and support of IDM products.

Team IDM
it is a Good news!

But... exists a HTTP url for download it :?: . Many peolple have us problems with connections to FTP. :cry:

Regards :wink:
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