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is here anybody to help me. How can I set a short key for my script? Any entered hot key still does not work for any script on Mac OS X version. I use version



I would change to CMD-SHIFT-I if it were me... to stay with the OSX shortcut key conventions. CTRL is more Windows, while CMD is more OSX

Interesting... attempting to enter CMD-SHIFT results in CTRL-SHIFT
and trying to enter CTRL-SHIFT results in SHIFT-XCTRL

So I would say that might be a bug
Try another combination on Mac OS X. No combination works for me :-( I am sure that CTRL+SHIFT+I neither CMD+SHIFT+I I've not set in my system hot key definitions.

Thanks for response!
Any news about this?
I haven't found any keys that works.
Is there any suggestions?
I'm on MacOS lion, on a USB external Apple keyboard (I haven't successed to find out any hot key that works on the main keyboard of my MacBook Pro)

Thanks a lot, any help would be appreciate.
I was on Windows and hotkeys for macros and script were very useful ...
I'd report this as a possible bug (link on the IDM website). The tech people are quick to respond usually.

Just tried this myself. It's a bit of a mess and simply doesn't work properly. However, you can actually get it to work:

In the hotkey field hold down CMD + SHIFT + I.
It'll actually display CTRL+SHIFT+I.
Then hit tab. You must do this for it to actually accept that key combo. Then click OK.

Now, hitting CTRL+SHIFT+I should run your script.
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