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I was looking at the new UltraFinder and wondered how new it really was. I noticed that it is starting out at version 13. Is IDM reselling another product or buy another product? Thus there is a historical code base?

I am a long time UE user with lifetime upgrades. Been debating about adding UltraCompare/UEStudio (but need a good upgrade package for all) ... the UF sounds good but would like it to search more than PDF or DOC.

Any more background thoughts/info beyond what is on the web page?

Any thoughts on UF?


Most likely the version of new product UltraFinder starts with major version 13 because of release year 2013. Well, we have Nov. 2012, but main release year will be next year. Same was done with UEStudio released first time 2005. First version has had as major version 05. This version numbering is common practice for many software products nowadays, perhaps to help users to identify how old their used software is and when purchased the license.

UltraFinder does not only support *.pdf and *.doc. It finds all files matching a pattern. Searching for text in files supports also all files containing text (*.txt, *.htm, *.csv, ...).

PDF is extra mentioned because text in PDF files are ususally compressed and therefore standard find text in files features fail on PDF files. PDF files must be decompressed in memory to be able to search for text in a PDF file. Of course if a PDF file contains just a scanned image of a text sheet, UltraFinder cannot find any text in such an image PDF.

Finding text in DOC files is also mentioned extra because *.doc files are binary files containing text in ANSI as well as in Unicode mixed with additional formatting options. Therefore *.doc files must be first interpreted (UF converts them temporarily to RTF) to be able to find and output text in a *.doc file.
What about other binary file types besides PDFs and DOCS? We're considering buying UF Version (the latest, as of 03/27/2014), but we need to be able to search through binary file types. I have downloaded the trial version, but it is giving errors (sometimes just outright crashing) when searching through our files. The weird thing is, whether or not it crashes, and the severity of the crash, depends at least partly on the actual text string I search for.

Searching for text in binary files is possible. The difference on PDF, DOC and DOCX files is that UltraFinder first converts those files to text only in memory respectively by creating temporarily a text file in %TEMP% folder from the PDF / DOC / DOCX file and then searches in this file for the text. Otherwise it would not be possible to find text in a PDF or DOCX file as text is compressed in those files.

If UltraFinder crashes on search for text in binary files, please report those crashes by email to IDM support. Click on email us directly at top of this page. You do not need to by a licensed user to report crashes or contact IDM support by email. I suggest to attach one of your binary files (compressed with ZIP or RAR) on which UltraFinder reproducible crashes and write also which search settings you use resulting in the crash.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks, Mofi, I'll try that.
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