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I just recently updated to, licensed. Back in late September, I think it was. Since then I'm unable to see underscores in variable names. The font seems to be Courier Regular 12. My mac is on Snow Leopard, 10.6.8. I do almost exclusively bash scripting.

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[ "${PREVIOUS_IP}" = "${CURRENT_IP}" ]

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[ "${PREVIOUS IP}" = "${CURRENT IP}" ]

This makes UE pretty difficult to use for me right now.

I see that 3.3 is out and ordinarily I wouldn't think twice about updating, I'd just do it as a matter of course, but in this case I don't want to update until the display issue is fixed. In fact, I'm thinking of returning back to which did not have this issue.

Does anyone have any ideas?
I am running Lion 10.7.5 and UE and while I normally use the same font but at size 18 (glasses :) )
I switch down to 12 and tested this.

Works just fine for me.... I even pasted you example text.... and everything is working as it should.
Well, thank you. I tried that piece in a bash script and then in a php script in case it had something to do with syntax highlighting. Still cannot see underscores, and only in UltraEdit. Text Mate, BBEdit, and Intellij work properly and display as they should.

I bought my first UE license in July 2002 and it's been a great run.

Thanks for your time.
navaho wrote: The font seems to be Courier Regular 12.

Does this mean that you do not really know which font is used for displaying the text in the document windows?

You can choose a font in menu View with opening Set Font. Best you configure at same time also the font for column editing mode by using Set Column Mode Font.
Thank you sir. Interesting. If I set my font larger I get my underscores back, which I'll use as a work around. I'd have to roll back to confirm, but I cannot remember this having been an issue before I upgraded and I cannot remember ever having changed my font settings at all.

I guess I'll go headed and get 3.3 then. Thank you.
Fine. Looks like on a small font size the line height in pixels is calculated wrong. Please report this issue by email to IDM support. Please add among font name and font size also the DPI of the screen as this might be another source of this problem.

Hm, I just looked on Windows on vertical position of the underscore character in reference to character g. On some fonts the underscore is drawn 1 pixel below g (for example Courier New 10 pt), on other fonts exactly on deepest point of character g (for example Arial 10 pt), and on a few fonts the underscore is drawn even 1 pixel above deepest point of g (for example Dina 10 pt). As I use highlighting of active line, it is easy to see how the line height changes according to the used font.
Thank you Mofi. Hope you and Dave had a good thanksgiving. I'll follow through this morning.
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