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I have not found the option to word wrap to window width by default. Could someone please explain how to accomplish this so that all files are opened as such, and also new files default to this type of view.
Perhaps the topics How to enable word wrap by default for HTML files? and File extension based word wrap / tab and indent settings in Configuration/INI Settings forum of Windows UltraEdit are suitable also for UEM. I don't use UEM, but if UEM has also a word wrap / tab settings configuration dialog under Preferences, enabling Default word wrap on for each file for list item Default results in activated word wrap for all files by default for files not configured separately different.
Yep, there it is, under "Editor" in the "Preferences" . . . "File Types" . . . "Default word wrap on for each file" . . . "Wrap at window edge". I erroneously assumed that it would be under the "Display" tab instead of the "Editor" tab. Thank you very much for your help.
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