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With previous version of UltraSentry, I was able to set up a run schedule to kick off various clean-up tasks at logon, logoff, or a specific time. I have just installed version 13, and that ability does not seem to exist (or is not obvious). Is there a way to set up a schedule with version 13 like there was for previous version?


I asked IDM support by email about missing scheduler feature and here is the answer from IDM.

IDM support wrote: Thank you for your message. The Scheduler runs as a service, and with the changes in Windows operating systems (Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8…) and so on, service dependencies have become problematic. We built the all-new UltraSentry from the ground up using a new framework that is multi-platform compatible. Tapping into System Services greatly vary from Windows to Mac to Linux. In the end the scheduler may be brought back in a later edition but for stability and dependability reasons, we dropped the feature.
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