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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I’ve been using UltraEdit v18.20 for awhile to interact with a unix box using SFTP. It appears that FTP File Save As applies permissions as rw- r—r-- for new files. This is kind of a problem in that this permissions set tends to propagate, preventing others from accessing the program. I’ve tried the Advanced configuration (see 'File permissions', this section) but that does not work. I can touch the item first on UNIX, then access it in the editor or apply the permissions I need for the file manually in the FTP explorer. Is there a way to set the default permissions on the windows side before the FTP Save As is issued?
I don't know of any setting in UltraEdit which results in an automatical usage of command chmod by UltraEdit after uploading a new file to a UNIX/Linux server to set the file permission to what you would prefer for newly uploaded files.

On Unix/Linux servers it is usually possible to configure the default file permissions on a per directory (tree) base via proftpd.conf as explained on page Configuring a <Directory> with Umask if ProFTPD is used on the server. Maybe you have access to this file or can contact the server hoster and ask if it is possible to change the umask value for the parent directory of the directory tree you use.

It looks like there is a problem with understanding the permission rules. The security settings on FTP server control if permissions can be changed at all by a client and what are the default permissions for an uploaded file. Most FTP servers do not allow that a client with its limited account permissions modifies file permissions of files on server. Adding a setting in UE/UES for defining the permission attributes for uploaded files is a useless setting if the server does not allow a client to change the permissions of a file. And FTP servers are configured usually for preventing clients to change file permissions. If you are an administrator of the FTP server, change the default permission for uploaded files on the FTP server instead of forcing the client to change the permissions per command after every upload of a new file.
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