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Just purchased UE for Mac and Spell Check appears broken. It chokes on most contractions: for "wasn't" it highlights "wasn" and thinks it's an error. Some contractions are not flagged, like "weren't". The word "wouldn't" is flagged as "wouldn" again breaking at the apostrophe. Even more surprising: "didn't" highlights and questions "idn" by dropping the first letter and the apostrophe-t. Is spell check known to be broken? I can't imagine I'm the first to discover this. A search in all the places I know how to search didn't come up with a solution. This is potentially a show-stopper for me as I intended to use UE for text, not just code. Thanks for any help.
UE for OSX does not use aSpell or any other 3rd party spell checker like UltraEdit for Windows. It uses the OSX native spell checker.

The issue with contractions being counted as "mis-spelled" is a common "Google" search.

The current "work-around" is to add them to your custom dictionary... This works.. I just tried it.

1) Invoke Spell Check
2) when it finds a "contraction" the Spell Correction Box appears (and will contain the word up to but not including the apostrophe)
3) add the rest of the contraction (ie. change "wasn" to "wasn't" in the dialog box
4) click the [LEARN] button

from now all those contractions will be considered "properly spelled".

Based on GOOGLE searches... this is NOT unique to UE... but to any OSX program using a Spell Checker
(note some programs may have internal custom dictionaries to circumvent this)... but the above 4 steps insure ALL programs will recognize learned contractions.
DaveS, your workaround seems sufficient for contractions. I'll just add them the first time I encounter them. Thanks.
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