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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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I am trying to move my project files between two systems that have the same file hierarchy tree but in one system it is on C:\ and the other it is on D:\

I have changed everything in my PRJ and PUI files to be relative pathnames such as .\foldername\filename etc, but everytime I run the project in uedit it overwrites the open file listings in the PUI file using absolute pathnames.

Is there anyway to work around this?
In the project user interface (workspace) file the data for opened files on project close are always saved with absolute paths. This cannot be changed.

You can only set read-only file attribute on the pui file to prevent data updates in the pui file. But I think that is not really useful for you.

Usually the workspace file is not copied from one computer to another respectively used by multiple users or on different configurations.

On the other computer with drive C is there no drive D?

If this is true (CD/DVD drive can be assigned to a different drive letter), you could use the command subst D: C:\ to "duplicate" drive C so that in the project drive D can be always used.

Or you use subst P: "D:\project directory" respectively subst P: "D:\project directory" on the 2 computers to define the project directory as root of substituted drive P and use as project path P:\. That's the solution we used on a project with different real storage locations on several computers.

You can create a shortcut in Startup folder of Windows start menu with the appropriate subst command and shortcut property Run set to Minimized to automatically execute this command on Windows startup. Such a substitution makes it easier also in Windows Explorer to find or copy files of the project root directory as the project is now root of a drive.
Thanks for the reply disappointing as it is. :(

IMO (with 32 years of operating systems development and system programming experience), absolute file names are a no no unless there is no other way. Embedding absolute file names for open files is silly given the workspace/project construct - when a project is open the filenames should be relative to the project root.

Using the SUBST command of DOS days is silly - the point is the project should work wherever its tree is on a given drive OR on different drives as long as the relative structure of the source files and the project root are maintained.
Well, it does not have any effect writing your complaints about file name management in the user's workspace file of a project in the user-to-user forum, although I agree completely with them. UE/UES users like I cannot change it.

It would be much better to send your suggestions for improving file names management in *.pui files to IDM support by email as stated at top of every forum page. Although I agree that opened files being in project folder or one of its subfolders should be saved in PUI file with relative path and other opened files not belonging to the project with absolute path, I'm not affected by this limitation and therefore will surely not send anything regarding this issue to IDM support.
Sorry about that Mofi - I didn't realize you were a user like myself. Thank you for confirming though that it is a built-in limitation and I appreciate your response!
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