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I do not see accelerator keys for "replace" and "replace all". How do I select one of [Next | Replace | Replace All] while keeping my fingers on the keyboard (i.e. NO MOUSE) ?

Looks like the entire find/replace dialog has not been tested for keyboardists. The top tabs are not reachable via the keyboard either.

Other dialogs similarly seem to lack accelerator keys and have not been vetted by keyboardists.

This is a likely showstopper for me. Please update this post when a new version with these (probably easy) fixes are in place: it is the only thing stopping me from purchasing.


I'm not using UEX, I'm using UltraEdit for Windows and therefore can't help with verified information. On Windows switching between tabs within a multi-tab dialog can be done with Ctrl+Tab (left to right) and Ctrl+Shift+Tab (right to left). Perhaps such a general key switches also the tabs in UEX.

If the IDM developers have not set mnemonic keys for the various options in the Find/Replace dialogs, please request that by email to IDM support.

On UltraEdit for Windows the situation with tab sequence and mnemonic keys was similar once in the past. So another user and I also mainly using keyboard and only rarely using mouse requested a better support for keyboard users for all 6 Find/Replace dialogs (standard Find/Replace, Find/Replace in hex editing mode, Find/Replace in Files) by email and we got what was requested in next released version. I wrote in my email for every dialog the tab sequence I wanted and added for all 6 dialogs screen shots with red marked those letters which should be accessible by key.

If no user complains about missing mnemonic keys and making a suggestion, nothing will change. Posting here in the user-to-user forum such a request is without an effect as this post is most likely not read by IDM, see top of this forum page. You don't need to be already a licensed user for requesting and suggesting something UEX related by email to IDM support.
Thanks v much for the encouragement . I will mail to IDM support for this feature.

I use UltraEdit for Windows and uex on Ubuntu 12.10.

Ctrl+F brings up a find dialog that can be partially, but not completely, navigated with [tab] presses.
Ctrl+H brings up the same dialog, but on the replace tab, still partially navigable with the keyboard.

Basic find works great. Ctrl+F, then "string to search for", then [Enter] selects your term. No need for a mouse. [Enter] repeatedly goes through your file for the next term repeatedly. This maintains focus on the dialog. You need to [Alt]+[F4] to close the dialog or [Alt]+[Tab] back to the uex window to continue editing the document.*

Replace is tougher because the dialog really requires a mouse to get full use out of it. Not every option or button in the dialog has a tab-stop. Like you mentioned, it was obviously not designed for keeping your hands at home on the keyboard.

* As I'm sure you're aware, Alt+Tab and Alt+F4 work in Windows and Windows-like distros of linux to switch and close windows. Linux has quite a few window managers to choose from and yours may differ.
On page about UltraEdit for Mac and Linux latest changes was written:

UltraEdit for Mac and Linux v15.1.0.0 Changes (2015-04-28)

  • Find/Replace improvements
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for Count all and Replace all
    • Addressed issues with Find in column in All Open Files
    • ...
As I'm not using UltraEdit for Linux by myself, I can just report here the changes without verification by myself.
Best regards from Austria
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