I have made a small little application, with a feature I really think UE is needing.
A way to open a file, without browsing through files in a project or on a disk.

It may be there already exists such a feature, if so, then I have wasted my time :-)

So, I use Ctags a lot to navigate code, so I actually generates ctags for all my projects, also non C code projects. - I have had to make some of these generators my self :-)
So it was an obvious choice for me to use this as input source, then I could also search files based on keywords.

So to cut it short,
1) the application is launched via a project tool
2) displays a simple search field, and lets you choose the files to open based on a simple search pattern. it matches as you type and displays possible matches as you go. - its actually a project sensitive "launchy" for Ue..

UeSearch.png (17.53 KiB) Viewed 2741 times

I hope you like it.

So, this was the point in time I realized that I have no method of sharing this with you.. :-) I imagined I could attach files to this post. great :-)
Anyway, I will post it, and if you will like me to share, I will dig something up.