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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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after calling "FTP open" automatically the last used site should be opened -- is this possible?

The FTP configuration settings available are

  • Reload FTP files when reloading a project or last open files in dialog File Handling - Load and
  • Display FTP accounts in Explorer view in dialog FTP.
The first one can be used to quickly re-open FTP files by using projects or just workspaces. The second one is perhaps helpful for quickly connecting to an FTP server if File Tree View is usually used and Explorer tab is often displayed.

But there is one more setting which must be set manually in the file storing the FTP account data as I found in changes.txt in UltraEdit program files directory:

IDM wrote: v18.00.0
  • Added support for automatically connecting to FTP account when opening FTP Open or Browse dialog

The webpage UltraEdit Latest Changes currently contains this information as well with an additional information about this feature at bottom.

IDM wrote: To enable this, add "Auto Browse FTP=1" (without the quotes) on a new line in your uedit32.ini file under the [Settings] section. You must ensure that UltraEdit is closed when you modify and save the INI file, otherwise your changes will be overwritten. You can find the location of your INI file by going to Advanced - Configuration - Application Layout - Advanced. The location of the INI file is shown at the bottom of this dialog.
Thanks for your explanations and investigations :)

I added the line in uedit32.ini -- but there is no change in the behaviour of the open ftp file dialog box.

Ok, I still have to press the enter key after opening the dialog box -- I will survive it... ;)
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