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Anyone experience or know why UEStudio may not always update the RECENT FILES list?

In the past I've noticed several occurrences where the RECENT FILES list did not contain files I had recently worked on but did contain files that I had worekd on before files that were not on the list. Today is the first time I've seen this happen and know that it looks like are missing that should be there.

My understanding is that if I open a file, make any kind of change, save it and then close UEStudio then the next time I open UEStudio that file should appear on the RECENT FILES menu list and it should be in the #1 spot since it was the last file used in UEStudio. Today I see that 2 files I worked on yesterday are NOT anywhere in the RECENT FILES menu list and the files are still in the same location as before on my network so its not a case where those files are missing.

Anyone know why this may happen in UEStudio?
The number of recent files remembered can be configured at Advanced - Configuration - Toolbars / Menus - Miscellaneous.

The recent files list is updated whenever a file is opened or saved. It looks like you think the recent files list remembers the last X files closed, but that's not true.

So if you use a value of 4 for the recent files list, have already 2 files opened in UE and open by drag and drop 4 more files, the recent files list contains the 4 new files opened. If now a file is modified and saved, this file is added to the list at top or if already within the list, it moves the file to top of the list. If you close this modified file now, so that just 5 unmodified files remain, exiting UltraEdit does not result in updating the list with the last 4 files closed on exit. Whenever UltraEdit is exited with no file modified and not yet saved, the recent files list does not change on exit. The last files saved during exit should be always in the recent files list.

It might be a case that the recent files list is not updated on opening a file. There are more than 10 possibilities within UltraEdit to open a file. If one opening method does not result in updating the recent files list, report it to IDM.
Thanks for the help Mofi.
Mofi, I realize it's been 3 years and several versions of UEStudio released since I posted my original question. But I'm still seeing the same behavior. %80-%90 of the text based files I deal with are either SQL or TXT/CSV and I tend to prefix those all with a date (i.e. 2016.06.06 or 2016-06-06) so I can tell when the Recently Opened list is not keeping up with what I have actually recently opened. Naturally when I try to test this by opening a file and then closing UEStudio and re-opening it, the file is there so I haven't been able to catch this when it happens. I just know that lately the files I last worked with are not in the recently opened or even saved list. Have you heard anything more about this in UE, specifically if they identified a bug like this that may or may not have been fixed in the last year?
I'm not aware of an issue with the recent files lists. They are working as it can be expected from their names. I have never seen by myself that a list is not correct and I'm 99.99% sure that there is no issue with the lists.

Please note that not all file open/close actions are recorded in the two lists. For example if you start UE/UES and open for example two files via drag and drop from Windows Explorer over UES main window, the two files are added to Recently Opened Files list. Exiting now UES which of course results also in closing those two files does not result in adding those two files to the Recently Closed Files list.

So automated openings of files on startup of UEStudio because of active reload feature or automated closings of files because of an application exit are not recorded in the lists.

A manually executed Save As action results in adding the file to the Recently Opened Files list.

The opening/closing of a file is also not recorded in the appropriate list when done from within a macro/script.

The lists record file open/close (and save as) actions of the user, not automated file open/close actions.
Best regards from Austria
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